Thursday, May 27, 2010

Graphic Designers Design the World

Earth Without Graphic Design
I’m a graphic designer. When I tell someone that, the usual response is, “Cool. So you, like, make T-shirts, right?” Yea, sort of. I actually design the tags on the T-shirts, and the pattern on your boxers. I design the packaging for your girlfriend’s tampons; traffic signs, books, clocks, interfaces for TVs and smartphones, shampoo bottles, dollar bills, bumper stickers, toilet paper wrappers. In essence, I make the world that you see, breathe, and use.
I make what you read, what you hear, what inspires you, what breaks you. I am a psychologist, anthropologist, sociologist, political activist, business consultant, marketing professional, art director, critical thinker, creator of culture. I educate, empower, and influence. Rid the world of graphic designers and you have a bland existence devoid of meaningful communication, innovation, and creativity.
Of course, no conversation allows time for me to explain this to a John Doe, or correct the misconception that anybody with Photoshop and InDesign know-how is a graphic designer. So, yes, I make T-shirts.

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